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Setting up Provocations…

prov·o·ca·tion (pr v -k sh n). n. 1. The act of provoking or inciting. 2. Something that provokes. By provocation, I mean the positive kind. One that can incite, one that can challenge… So what is something that provokes? How can we set up something that can incite? that can challenge? I love this post … Continue reading

Documenting Engagement

I have been for the past year busy in doing Visible thinking with my children. I  documented how we started doing visible thinking strategies at home at my other blog 365days of Motherhood. So if you have time, please do check it out. Taking the online course from Wideworld Harvard was for me a good … Continue reading

Invitations to Engagement: Setting up invitations to play

  I am at awe with the amount of creativity and dedication that teachers and homeschool parents are putting in preparing the learning environment. In the Reggio Emilia philosophy , the environment is considered the third teacher alongside the teacher/adult and the children. The past few months I am learning a lot about creating children’s … Continue reading