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Family engagement through agile programming

I have not been blogging for quite awhile. Turns out vacation time is more challenging as a stay-home parent and it demands more engagement opportunities. Good thing we can look back at the 6 weeks we had and say that as a family we grew more, did more, learned more. Now that the kids are … Continue reading

The Many Times I Worry

I’m a worrywart. Mostly I tend to worry over things related to the children. I worry about their sleeping, I worry about their educational future, I worry about them being safe, I worry about them getting hurt and feeling pain. Good thing I’m so good in hiding my worries that the children are not so … Continue reading

Stepping Back and Letting Them Take The Lead

POWER, CONTROL, OBEDIENCE. These are words that oftentimes accompany traditional parenting methods. If I were to look back at how my parents and grandmother raised us, I would say that I am grateful for their patience and the times that we got disciplined. I am extremely glad that my mom, gentle and quiet that she … Continue reading

Thinking about “The Last Time”

Nowadays, with both kids in school, I seem to find more time thinking about being a parent and moreso, the transitions and changes that follow as children grow older. My husband and I even spend nights discussing about how we are parenting, what we want to know more, what we need to learn and what … Continue reading