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Setting up Provocations…

prov·o·ca·tion (pr v -k sh n). n. 1. The act of provoking or inciting. 2. Something that provokes. By provocation, I mean the positive kind. One that can incite, one that can challenge… So what is something that provokes? How can we set up something that can incite? that can challenge? I love this post … Continue reading

Family Fun Pictorial

These past few days I have been trying to think of ways to capture our moments with the children in ways that I can easily do or maintain. With how they are growing so fast, I felt the pull, no make that word, the NEED, to document our lives in as much as possible. Fast … Continue reading

Katie’s Mind Map of our trip to Scheveningen

Katie's Mind Map of our trip to Scheveningen

This September marked another chapter in my life and with two little ones both going to school, I decided to indulge myself with something new, something fresh and still something me. Welcome to my blog as I share ideas, resources and tidbits of what we do at home to keep the children engaged. As an educator, I will also be featuring some ideas that can be applied not just in school but also at home.

Why this picture you might ask? This is what our eldest daughter (she was 4 then) drew when I asked her to recall what she liked about our trip to Scheveningen. A 4 year old-s version of a mind-map. A picture that I will treasure because it was one of our best loved trips to the beach.

What is your family’s best loved trip or vacation? How do you honor such events in your children’s memories and yours?

That will be what next post is all about, keeping children engaged in preserving memories…

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