Expect some changes

Since November of last year I have been doing some drastic changes on my professional plans and activities. This year expect that the Visibly Engaged site will transform and grow to a site where we can connect more with each other and share more engaging activities. I am putting out my intentions to the Universe that 2014 is going to be great and will mean more ideas shared and more opportunities to engage families at home! I would also be putting emphasis on making gifted education practices accessible for teachers through sample lesson plans and materials. I can’t wait for everything to fall into place but for now I am loving the chance to innovate and create.

Speaking of creation, I have just opened my webshop SMART TINKER. This is to share with parents and teachers products that can promote multiple intelligences at home and in school. It is very much new (officially opened on New Year’s eve!). But like this site, expect it to grow with products that will promote my philosophy on addressing the many ways we learn and set up the opportunities at home through toys and activities. Please be sure to check it out and spare some time to LIKE my facebook page!  I also share valuable posts on tinkering and play in there.



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