Our Family Conference Contract

weekly family contractAfter reading about Agile Parenting and blogging about it here, we set out to incorporate the three questions mentioned by Bruce  Feiler and our family conference. It was indeed refreshing to take a review of what went well and what didn’t go well plus the suggestions mentioned by the children on how to improve on the “not so well” points. What we came up with was a plan that we tried to execute (yes, tried is the operative word) and it might not have the effect that we wanted like the going to school without much hassle or not much hurrying BUT it showed us that we can always refer to what we agreed on improving. It was a good reference to the kids and also for us parents so much so that my husband and I decided to continue doing the family conferences on Sunday evenings just to get a fresh start for the week. I brainstormed a little bit of what we can get out of the family conferences and decided that putting it visually will be a very good reminder to the children. I also felt (along with my husband) that it should also be centered on goals that everyone will be working on and not just solely for the kids. So each gets a share of the pie so to speak. What i also thought was it was good that we had a goal of getting to school without much hurrying but we didn’t exactly quantify how to do that. We didn’t break down the expectations and the necessary tasks that needed to be done (like how breakfast was cut short because we needed to leave when the alarm rings). In short, I felt that the family conference needed to have SMARTER goals. Smarter Goal setting means they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound,  Evaluated, can be Re-done.  Tweaking the idea presented by Bruce Feiler and adding some thoughts of my own, I came up with this family conference contract


Tomorrow we will be testing it out and filling it in and I am excited about how it can give not just the children but also us parents some much needed redirection and goal setting. If you want a word document of this file, please feel free to get in contact with me.


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