Reframing our way of teaching using the Teaching for Understanding Framework

For teachers wanting to re-frame their lesson planning, this information on Teaching for Understanding will definitely give you something to think about. Teaching for understanding  draws on the premise that “understanding is a matter of being able to do a variety of thought-provoking things with a topic, such as explaining, finding evidence in examples, generalizing, applying, making analogies, and representing the topic in new ways” (Blythe and Perkins, 1998 ) and providing such thoughtful engagement opportunities when teaching. The framework seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. What topics are worth understanding?
  2. What must  students understand about the topics?
  3. How can we foster understanding?
  4. How can we assess what students understand?

If the link piques your interest, you might too also explore the following sites:

Active Learning Practice for School (ALPS)

Project Zero Teaching for Understanding

Education with New Technologies (ENT) helps you design your own Teaching for Understanding design


What Teaching for Understanding Looks Like

Teaching for Understanding Framework in Practice

Video: Interview with David Perkins, Harvard on Understanding


Source: Blythe, T., & Perkins, D. (1998). Understanding understanding. In T. Blythe (Ed.), The teaching for understanding guide (pp. 9-16). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.



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