Moving Forward in Emergent Literacy Practices at Home

Emergent Literacy?

"Look Ma what I did!" One of Katie's products while doing self-directed play.

“Look Ma what I did!” One of Katie’s products while doing self-directed play.

Some parents might be puzzled about what the term means. Let me explain it to you in ways that you can see it with your young child…

  • Do you often see your child “reading” a book, mouthing out words that they remembered during your story time session?
  • Do you often see your child “writing”notes for Mommy and Daddy?
  • Do you often see your child pick up an ad, go over it and flip through each page “reading” it to his/her heart’s content?

Emergent literacy was the term used by Marie Clay (1986) to describe how young children interact with books, reading and writing materials even though they could not read or write in the conventional sense.

Why is Emergent literacy important?

Talaris institute have made a flyer on Emergent Literacy that highlights its importance as a foundation builder of  literacy skills. It has also been established that the vocabulary development of young children is crucial in his/her performance in school and as such parents should make use of emergent literacy activities to help lay the foundation for the child’s budding literacy skills.

What activities can you do? How to do you assess your emergent literacy practices at home? How do your usual routines, conversations and interactions promote emergent literacy?

Newsletter on Parent early literacy will give you significant information on how to promote early literacy at home. It also provides some thought-provoking exercises that make us parents reflect on how we model reading and writing at home.

I do hope you enjoy reading it and leave me some feedback about the tips presented 🙂




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