Mind in the Making Chapter 1: Regaining Focus


Too often do I hear myself saying to our children “keep your focus”, “stay on the task at hand”  or “concentrate”. It is no surprise to me that the author Ellen Galinsky pointed out focus as a very important life skill for children. Indeed it is true that being able to keep on track of one’s activities can help in understanding, comprehension and a whole list of cognitive skills. It also helps in relational ones too as focus is greatly intertwined with listening skills which is needed in communication.

But what got to me as I was reading the first few pages (yes take not, I haven’t even gotten to finishing the first chapter yet and here I am heavily reflecting on some things) was the question on how I, as a parent, take focus in my life. It made me stop and reconsider the many times I multitask when I am alone or in the presence of the children. How I would start one chore and then something else will catch my eye and before I know it, I am sweeping, with a phone in my ear talking to a friend, looking at the simmering pot that holds our dinner, and to top it off at the same time chewing on what was supposed to be breakfast at 11 o clock in the morning. I know I am not alone in that picture and it is even easier for me now that the children are in school for most of the time. But how to regain focus? How to keep myself and my mind still to just stay on track one thing at a time?

A favorite writer, blogger of mine is Leo Babauta wrote  finding focus for parents and he shared some practical advices on how to find focus in our everyday lives as parents. Be sure to get a copy of his free ebook  “Focus A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction”.

If you are a stay-at-home-mom/dad or a working parent, how do you find focus?


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