Documenting Engagement

I have been for the past year busy in doing Visible thinking with my children. I  documented how we started doing visible thinking strategies at home at my other blog 365days of Motherhood. So if you have time, please do check it out.

Taking the online course from Wideworld Harvard was for me a good investment not only professionally but moreso on my interaction with Katie and Milos.  This course also led me to be more reflective of the use of documentation in learning. The idea of making thinking visible in such a way that it is tangible not just to the teacher but also to the children and parents is the essence of a good documentation. Using good documentation practices also go hand in hand with my interest in the Reggio Emilia approach. A very insightful article on the use of documentation was written by Carol Ann Wien and colleagues on “Learning to Document in Reggio-Inspired Education”. Educators who are interested in documenting along the lines of Reggio approach should definitely read this article.

Some more inspiring blogs and portfolios that showcase how documentation works in the classrooms (and at home) are:

a. My all-time favorite Joanne Marie Babalis from Transforming our Learning Environment into a Space of Possibilities wrote a piece on Inquiry Spaces with documentation. be sure to check the other articles as I am sure that you would find other valuable information in the other articles.

b. Making Learning Visible has documentation samples and also guidelines on documentation.

c. Pinterest offers a lot of good documentation samples too. Check out Diane Kashin‘s Pedagogigal Documentation

d. Reggiokids offer a different take on documentation in the blog When Children Become the Documenters

e. A journey to Documenting A Passion from Tinkerlab’s Rachelle Doorley (another favorite!)  is something every parent should read.

f. the Portfolio of Kirstin Roberts: Early Childhood Educator has documentation samples that puts documentation in practice

Do you have other wonderful resources on documentation, please feel free to comment and add the links! Enjoy reading!



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