Family Fun Pictorial

Our family fun outing at Plopsa Indoors drawn by Katie, Milos and Mama

These past few days I have been trying to think of ways to capture our moments with the children in ways that I can easily do or maintain. With how they are growing so fast, I felt the pull, no make that word, the NEED, to document our lives in as much as possible. Fast forward to 10 or 15 years from now, it would be nice if someday we can all look back at photos, scrapbooks and videos of our family fun outings and also our day to day activities and reminisce what we did, where we were, with whom and how we felt . What I came out with is more like a mind map of the event that we had yesterday at Plopsa Indoors.

Here’s how we did the pictorial:

a. Use a big sheet of paper. In my case I made use of the sketch book and used two opened pages for it.

b. Fill in the important information. When was it? Where did we go? With whom did we spend the time with? What did we do? I asked the kids to think from the time we woke up till we got home. The sequencing of events is important because it connects them with their experiences. Katie drew the roller coaster (achtbaan) with such a big space and shared how she find it a little bit scary. We then talked about how Mama and Tata are proud of her since she got in it and tried it. The stories can also be placed in another sheet of paper but for me it was enough that our little ones tried writing down the names of the people and later on they can be the ones to write their sentiments about each event.

c. Place emphasis on feelings. During dinnertime, we talked about our experiences at Plopsaland and I even directed the question  “What did you like the most?”. This spurred a lot of giggles and reenactments of the funny events that they saw and experienced. It also brought up the topic on doing these activities more often. Katie even reminded us of our trip to Toverland and how she preferred that than the Plopsa. She even remembered one activity she did that I couldn’t even recall that much! It’s such a shame I didn’t get to make a pictorial of that outing since it obviously made such an impact on her. But then again with Katie’s memory every little detail makes such a lasting impact.

d. Make it as a family process. In as much as possible involve everyone to make the pictorial. When the children grow older and would like to make it themselves then it would be good to give them blank journals or sketchbooks for them to record their thoughts and feelings. But for now, with me drawing along with them (although very limited) and Tata being our picture taker and reminding us of the others we missed, it was a collaborative event that our little ones did enjoy. Milos though was hesitant but was proud to have drawn our family portraits and wrote our names too!

e. File and Document it. Keep their drawings in a place where it can be looked at easily. I plan on putting it in a blank book that I bought from Ikea. This will be our Book on Family Fun Pictorials.  But it’s also nice to have  a photo of the end-result, just because paper drawings can fade and it’s good to have something digital to file.



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