A Reminder on Paying Attention

Ever since I stopped working and started being a full time mom again, I have been reconnecting with my children and my husband in a lot of ways. This is the reason why engagement became a key word in our family. Not only does it mean getting the kids busy, but it means paying attention and getting involved. That is why Janet Lansbury’s post on The Easily Forgotten Gift resonated so much to my spirit. Not only did it remind me of the importance of my presence to the children in their lives now but it also gave me a good insight that being engaged with them is not just during this crucial developmental period — that we as parents are in it for the longest haul ever and it’s a role and a responsibility that me and my husband are welcoming with open arms.

Reading Janet’s words gave affirmation that we do need to take heed of the little ones for they deserve it.

“Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention. ” – Jim Rohn


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