Our NEW Weekly Menu Plan

If you are like me that you get stressed in the morning because of lunch and snacks preparations, you might want to join me in this “experiment” šŸ™‚ It is my goal to get the kids engaged in the activities at home, so I am hoping that this menu planning that we did this morning … Continue reading

Expect some changes

Since November of last year I have been doing some drastic changes on my professional plans and activities. This year expect that the Visibly Engaged site will transform and grow to a site where we can connect more with each other and share more engaging activities.Ā I am putting out my intentions to the Universe that … Continue reading

Our Family Conference Contract

After reading about Agile Parenting and blogging about it here,Ā we set out to incorporate the three questions mentioned by BruceĀ  Feiler and our family conference. It was indeed refreshing to take a review of what went well and what didn’t go well plus the suggestions mentioned by the children on how to improve on the … Continue reading

Family engagement through agile programming

I have not been blogging for quite awhile. Turns out vacation time is more challenging as a stay-home parent and it demands more engagement opportunities. Good thing we can look back at the 6 weeks we had and say that as a family we grew more, did more, learned more. Now that the kids are … Continue reading


For children, summer time signals fun, fun, fun! For most stay at home moms, summer period is a source of a big dilemma. What to do with the children? As tempting as it might be to just let the children play outside with the rest of the children in the neighbourhood or to let them … Continue reading